Sailing with The Clipper Round The World Yacht Race For Suicide Awareness & Prevention

Hi I’m Lizzy, the Sailing Unicorn!

Happy unicorn trimming a sail during Clipper Round the World training

I will be sailing in the upcoming 2019-2020 Clipper Round The World Race on the Seattle boat and am using this platform to raise visibility for depression, anxiety, and suicide prevention. You can read more about my story and why these two issues are close to my heart.

I am actively fundraising to pay for my Clipper Race berth fee, there are lots of ways to support me ranging from donating directly to my efforts or visiting my Etsy shop and buying candles or beer mitts made by me, or picking up your own Sailing Unicorn shirts and stickers! I have about $9,000 to go as of September 2019 and then I can shift 100% of the fundraising focus to the Suicide Prevention Lifeline in order to help them carry out the lifesaving work they do. Any assistance in reaching this goal is very gratefully received as I can’t do this race without the incredible support of friends, family, and kind strangers. Keep reading on this page and my blog to hear more about the Clipper Race and sailing adventures in my beautiful Pacific Northwest home.

What the heck is this Clipper Race thing?

On deck of the Clipper 68, the previous version of the Clipper Race yachts during Level 1 training.

The Clipper Race was founded by Sir Robin Knox Johnson, the first man to sail solo non-stop around the world, completing his mission on April 22, 1969. Sir Robin wanted others who were non-professional sailors to have an opportunity to race around the world and so in 1996 the first Clipper Race happened. All sorts of people participate in the Clipper Race from housewives to doctors to teachers to engineers, bakers to brokers, business executives, shop owners, and so many more. The Clipper Race is a one-design race, meaning all of the yachts that are sailed are exactly the same. The yachts are 70′ long custom-built ocean vessels and MY GOODNESS are they an incredible ride. The yachts must be seen to be believed. The yachts typically are raced with a crew of about 22 people, comprised of 20 amateur crew, an Additional Qualified Person (AQP) also known as First Mate, and a skipper who leads the boat. Crew participate in a total of four weeks of training that take us from having never sailed a boat before (yes really for some people!) into sailors ready to cross oceans.

What the heck do suicide awareness and a sailboat race have in common? Sailing has been an incredible force for good in my life and I want to motivate people to seek out the good in their own lives. I hope to use this platform to raise awareness for ways to prevent suicide and encourage others to share their stories and struggles and to reach out to loved ones that may not seem to be struggling on the surface level. If just one life can be saved by getting this message out I will call this mission a success.


Suicide Awareness Hotlines- Worldwide

Clipper Round The World Race

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