Well… shit.

The Clipper 70 fleet in Gosport Marina, the home base. More and more people have been asking me what's up with this whole Clipper thing in light of that thing that's hanging around like the awful houseguest you keep hinting needs to find a new couch to crash on. The short answer is... who the... Continue Reading →

Where the hell did the year go?!

So... it's been a minute since I've written anything of substance. Truth be told, I haven't known where to start with everything going on. Sure, there's the elephant in the room that is COVID, but I don't know that it's really that as we are all constantly talking about it. Without further ado here's what's... Continue Reading →

Call me… SKIPPER?!?!

It would seem that the Rum Run continues to be a race that is a special one for me. Those of you who know my saga know that a previous Rum Run, welllll... Rogue Rum Run, was the day I can pinpoint as the day I really fell in love with sailing. It turns out... Continue Reading →

Level 1, oh boy!

Welp, with three levels in and a month and a half until I'm back in the UK again for Level 4, probably makes sense to get on with talking about what I've done thus far on the Clipper Race training adventures. Getting there My journey began at the very busy SeaTac airport in Seattle. As... Continue Reading →


Tonight was supposed to be an excited post outlining my adventures last fall on my first trip to England for Level 1&2 training. Today took a different tack so that post will have to wait. I promised to share the good, bad, and ugly of the journey I'm on so let's make good on that.... Continue Reading →

Hell with this, I’m gonna LIVE!

CW: Divorce, Depression, Suicide This post has been composed, edited, deleted, re-written, and so on and so forth so many times both in my head and on my poor laptop. Rather than continue to let my brain's insanely high standards keep this story from getting out, I need to just send it out continue on... Continue Reading →

Yep. Another sailing blog!

Helming a Clipper 68 during training in the UK, October 2018. Howdy y'all! I am Lizzy Grim, your friendly neighborhood Sailing Unicorn! I have a longer blog post that I've been trying to write for the better part of a month, but I'm not ready to publish it yet. For the time being I figure... Continue Reading →

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