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Support The Sailing Unicorn!

I would not be able to go on this journey without the amazing people helping make this happen. There are a variety of ways you can support my goal of spreading awareness for suicide prevention.

Donate To Me Directly

I have a GoFundMe Campaign page and a page set up for direct donations. Any donation amount is gratefully received.

PayPal Donation

If you want to support me directly with no fees you can send funds to my PayPal. If you do this please mention that it is for my Clipper campaign!

GoFundMe Donation

Sponsor Me!

I am looking for partners who want to help make the world a better place for humans now and in the years to come. I am continuing to build my social media presence and look forward to drawing in more and more people with whom I can share the message of my supporting partners. You can learn more about what I can bring to your organization on my Sponsorship page.

Raving Unicorn Etsy Shop

Support my Etsy shop! At RavingUnicorn I make lots of fun costume pieces. There is also the infamous Cozy Canadian Beer Mitten that’s perfect for all seasons… it’s excellent for those who want a warm hand and a cold beer while sailing! With fall under way I also recommend picking up a candle or three in some of my favorite scents. If you want to show your Sailing Unicorn pride I also have t-shirts, ladies tank tops and v-necks, hoodies, mugs, and stickers that all help support my mission.

Visit the SailingUnicorn shop to be taken to your portal for all manner of fun Sailing Unicorn merchandise, every item supports my Clipper Race and is made by ME!

Follow Me on Social Media

Engage with my content! I post to both Facebook and Instagram on a regular basis and the more people who like, comment on, and share my posts the more I’ll be able to spread my message. I recommend subscribing/turning on notifications so you don’t miss my antics!

Donate to The National Suicide Prevention Helpline

Donate directly to the National Suicide Prevention Helpline. If the hyperlink doesn’t work you can copy and paste the link below into your browser:

Lastly…..Give me hugs. I am a big believer in hugs. If we run into each other offline go ahead and ask for a hug, I’m all about consensual hugs!

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